Q:           How long do your tenancies run for?

A:            Our residential tenancy agreements are for an initial period of 6 months, after which they roll onto a month to month basis. Our commercial leases vary, but are generally granted for 3 – 5 years.


Q:           Is re-decoration allowed?

A:           Yes. We do not object to any redecoration, provided it is carried out to the same standard the property was let in.


Q:           Are pets allowed?

A:            Pets are allowed as long as the landlord’s consent is gained first.


Q:           Does the rent include any bills?

A:            The rent excludes all utility bills and charges, council tax and water rates. These are the tenant’s responsibility.


Q:           Are the properties let with equipment such as washing machines, cookers, fridge etc?

A:            No white goods are provided at all. Neither do we provide carpets or furniture.

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